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Stockholm, Sweden

Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), School of Architecture

Year 2: Studio 4: Autumn 2011:

MRD: Materials, Rooms, Detail

TEACHER: Erik Hökby & Daniel Norell


The site is located in a suburb of Stockholm. It is connected to Maltesholmsvagen and Aprikosgatan and it is sloping to Aprikosgatan with an eight story apartment building to the southwest of the row house. The row house uses height difference as a plus to obtain more privacy for each apartment. Each apartment is organized around the centered atrium. The courtyard inside the atrium provides more open light to the apartment while providing privacy from the public and neighbors.

Each apartment is unique and the apartments against Maltesholmsvagen are one story while the units on Aprikosgatan have 1.5 floors with the entrance, indoor parking, and storage on the ground floor. In addition, each apartment differs in corridor length which contains a kitchen, storage room, and a small office space. This corridor helps to separate and connect the two parts of the house, private and public space. The bedrooms and bathroom is in the private part of the house and the dining area and living room in the public space. 

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