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Stockholm, Sweden

Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), School of Architecture

Bachelor Thesis, Year 3: Studio 5: Spring 2012:

Teacher: Mariano Tellechea, Anders Berensson


The site is located in Stockholm, Sodermalm, between Hornsbruksgatan and Hogalidsparken and is split up into two parts: the outer steel shell (envelope) and the inner park area. Its main four programs are apartments, offices, exhibition, and restaurant/café. The building takes advantage of the height difference between the park and the street which interconnect the park and the street instead of separating them. It is suspended and opens with public activities towards the west part of the building which goes through the opening of the building and follows up to the park.

The steel building consists of apartments, offices, conference rooms, and exhibition halls. The inside of the building allows for flexibility. The rooms can be resized or removed so it can adapt to the demand. Additionally, by having offices and apartments in the same building it is activated day and night. The apartments are designed to be corporate housing which can be leased for 6 to 24 months. The inner part of the building that ties with the park consists of a restaurant, bar, cafe and a fountain that helps to reflect sunlight to nearby activities and add atmosphere. 

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