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Stockholm, Sweden

Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), School of Architecture

Year 5: Autumn 2014

GROUP : Love Liljeqvist, Luciano Peirone, Raffer Qian

Supervisor: Ulrika Karlsson & Einar Rodhe 


The project has its starting point in Kiesler ́s ideas on Correalism. Brie y the concept outlines an onthology based on the idea of a constant interplay between transitory forms of energy. This means a notion of reality where everything is highly interrelated, material and immaterial forces, matter, objects and man.
From this we conceptualize a strong and direct correlation between the site, the ruin of the Haga castle ́s foundation, and our addition. Meaning that the ruin ́s morphological and geometrical qualities, it ́s different material and spatial sensibilities are translated onto our building.


Sometimes through metaphrase. Applying high resoluted excerpts from the ruins stone walls as reliefs on the oor, or as gra tti patterns on the envelope. Sometimes through paraphrase. Creating bumps and protrusions on the envelope that correlate in various ways to the geometry and sensibilities of the ruin.
Inspired by the the tensile sensibility of the Copper tents in Haga we conceive of the envelope as a heavy textile that is highly responsive to the particularities of the ruin.

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